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- N8: Songwriter, Emcee
  • Monetization

    From Youtube and Soundcloud to Publishing royalties and Live streaming, learn everything you need to know about monetizing your music in the digital world.

  • Marketing

    Facebook Ads, Youtube ads, Spotify Ads: we provide courses that show you how to get the most out of your campaigns and drive the best results.

  • Community

    Monthly community conferences through Zoom. Get Live one on one support with screen sharing. Private group to share knowledge, experience, and test ideas.

Why Become A Member?

I have a vision for your music career. In that vision, you gain Instagram and Twitter followers that buy and stream your music. People Subscribe to your YouTube channel that watch your videos and send Superchat donations during your live streams. Sold out concerts across the country. Late Night talk show performances. Your name being placed in fan’s top 5 artists lists. It’s pretty much the dream I had for myself as an artist. 

I’ve spent the past few years managing advertising campaigns, digital assets, and being an advisor for multiple artists. All the artists I’ve worked with were building from scratch, brand new to the game. My experiences have shown me the possibilities that are out there for artists with the knowledge and the belief. 

Billie Bodega stats 

Spotify Apple Music Youtube

Streams: 530K 

Followers: 1.2K

Saves: 21.5K 

Playlists: 7K 

Streams: 118K

Sales: 229

Shazams: 580

Views: 134K

Subscribers: 1.8k 

Playlists: 4.2K 

With Billie Bodega, we built a legitimate buzz and not just numbers. We were able to drive pre-order sales, we sold out her first show with over $1K in ticket sales. We had fans ranking her in their top five artists lists. We even had one of her songs pop up in a BTS video. 

Working with the Bahamian Pop artist Rexy, we hit the international charts. Then again, we charted with Nigerian artist Femi Onas, and again with Hip Hop artist Euphoa.  

I’ve gotten a glimpse of the possibilities and I say possibilities because, being honest, these results just scratch the surface. There’s so much more but getting this far requires knowledge and tools. This membership is about providing the knowledge and tools to help you get there. 


  • Femi Onas

    🇱🇹#3 Apple Music Reggae
    🇮🇳#81 Apple Music Reggae
    🇩🇪#107 iTunes - Reggae
    🇱🇹#81 Apple Music - R&B Soul

  • Rexy

    🇮🇳#37 iTunes - Pop
    🇮🇩#107 iTunes - All Genres

  • Euphoa

    🇩🇪#16 iTunes - Hip-Hop/Rap

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    $50.00 / month with 1 day free trialPUNM Membership

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    $150.00 / monthPUNM Pro+ Membership

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    Access to the tools you’ll need to acquire new fans, track your performance, and run effective campaigns are provided to you as well for no additional cost. It's a complete package!

    Contact me through the live chat feature of the membership group, direct phone line for text messages, or schedule a free consultation whenever you want to chat.

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