Why You Need This Course

This course is about empowering you as an artist to acquire leads by using Facebook ads. What is a Lead? A Lead is Someone with interest in your music. What does it mean to acquire a Lead? It means having access to that person and being able to communicate with them. Why is that important? 

I had an artist's manager come to me after spending $6K on a PR campaign. He actually got good results with coverage on notable music blogs and even Spotify Editorial playlist placements. When they were ready to push the next release, they figured they could just build on the success of the previous release. The challenge was how? The PR campaign got them awareness and streams but it didn't acquire them any Leads. It didn't result in social media followers or email addresses.  When it came to promoting the follow-up release,  after spending $6K, they were effectively starting over. 

This is what's different about Facebook ads. Using Facebook ads and Remarketing, artists can grow. Everyone that engages with the ads artists have access to and can reengage. They don't find themselves trapped in an endless cycle of starting over. 

The value of access

After running Facebook ads for a year for an artist, She did her first show an earned $1,500 from the sale of 100 tickets. It was a small venue and we sold it out. $1,500 from ONE city, in ONE day for a new artist with no other acts on the bill. This was accomplished through a series of organic Instagram posts and an email blast to people we acquired through Facebook ads. 

Imagine you've got 100 fans in 10 cities willing to give you $20 for anything, that's $20K. You'd earn $20K from 1000 fans. With 1,000 fans listening to your music on Spotify 20 times per month, you would earn $60. Someone that would give you $20, is reduced to giving you $0.06. 

Full disclosure, this course may not be for you. If what you want is large streaming numbers, you'd be better off targeting playlists. This is about the acquisition of Leads that are likely to be fans that can be converted into paying customers. If that's what you want, let's get to work! 

Pricing options

Pay one time or break the cost into 3 monthly payments of $100.

Course curriculum